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Category: Tips on Site Usage

04 August

Using Categories Effectively Whether you have created your first listing or not, it is important to use the categories provided effectively.  Effectively meaning,  placing your business listing  in multiple categories. The beauty of our system is that it allows you to place your listing in one category or multiple categories, even if you have only […]

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04 August

The Importance of Tagging Business Listing Hey there! I just wanted to drop in and talk about the importance of tagging…you know graffiti on our city walls. Just kidding. I want to share a few tips on tagging your business listing properly. Tags Defined  Any product, service, place or in this case, your  business listing […]

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27 June

One Business Multiple Listings What’s up Gang-Gang!!! Hope this post finds you well and excited about  this tip I have to offer. As the name suggests, this article will provide tips on gaining a higher level of visibility on the site even though you have only one business. Does My Business Name Represent My Business […]

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